8 Helpful DIY Junk Removal Tips You Need To Know


Spring brings with itself a season of cleaning and decluttering. You clear out your old clothes, your extra stuff and broken equipment and finally relax. But cleaning accumulates a lot of junk for disposal which can get quite costly if you hire a junk removal service. Not to worry as there are many DIY tips to remove your junk.

1. Separate and Tag Your Junk

If you separate your junk and tag them in different boxes or bags, it will be easier for you to dispose. Many things can be donated in your junk, some can be sold and some recycled, while the rest is trash. Throw away the trash for it to be picked up by the community garbage removal truck. Find out if any orphanages or old homes need old furniture or usable stuff. If your stuff is in good condition then it can also be sold on eBay, Etsy or you can also have a garage sale. Recyclable items such as paper, metal, cardboard, plastics and aluminum can be recycled in different companies.

2. Donate

Donate your furniture, extra appliances, old clothes, bed sheets and other usable stuff in different old age homes and orphanages. You can call them to haul and pick up the furniture and equipment and they will be happy to do it and it will save your costs and trips.

3. Rent a Truck

Renting a truck will be convenient as you will be able to dispose all the junk to the landfill in one trip rather than taking many trips in your car. If you search ‘junk removal near me’, there are many companies who provide trucks for DIY junk hauling.

4. Recycle

You can contact different recycling companies and give away your recyclables to them. They will either take it free of cost or some companies even pay for the recyclables. This way you are also making a contribution to the community.

5. Learn and Act

The internet is flooded with many junk removal ideas. You can search and then apply the ideas in your daily life. Learn the proper way of DIY products from waste and scraps. Turn your old rags into useful mats. Learn the art of composting. There are tons of tutorials available which you can easily learn and turn your waste into new things.

6. Have a Garage Sale

If you have many new things or secondhand like things, you can sell them online on different platforms and earn money or can also have a garage sale and sell the items for less so it may benefit others.

7. Adopt Proper Waste Disposal Habits

For the future learn and adopt proper waste disposal. Buy different bins and label them and throw your garbage, trash, compost, and recyclables accordingly so it will save you future hassle of separating and sorting and also will help the community and environment.

8. Hazardous Waste

Separate the hazardous waste and dispose them separately in the landfill area to protect the environment.


DIY trash removal maybe time-consuming but it will save your costs and also give a feeling of accomplishment for doing something good. Still, if this is too much for your or if you’re busy, you can search for trash removal near me and let them do this for you.