Can We Use Smart Plugs For Outdoor Gadgets?

Can We Use Smart Plugs For Outdoor Gadgets?
Can We Use Smart Plugs For Outdoor Gadgets?

With outside areas increasingly serving as extensions of the house, having smart technology available seems like a no-brainer, right? Right! 

Yes, there are smart outlets designed exclusively for outdoor usage that are waterproof, sturdy, and able to resist the weather throughout the year. The best outdoor smart plug brings your home’s smart and automation capabilities to your favorite outdoor living locations.

Disclaimer: Indoor plugs should not be converted for outdoor usage for safety reasons. This should never be considered since there are so many excellent options available. Don’t take that risk, put your safety first.

Applications of an Outdoor Smart Plug

1. Christmas Light Automating

When the Christmas lights go up, one of the ideal times to utilize smart plugs is during the holidays. Consider not having to walk outside every time you want to switch on or off the lights. You can now configure your lights to a schedule, a scenario, or link them to your favorite home assistant with the help of a smart plug.

In most areas these days, Christmas illumination seems to be more of a competition. Setting up exciting scenarios with your lights, inflatable snowmen, and Rudolph projections on the side of your vehicle has never been simpler if you want to “contest.” You deserve to be the buzz of the neighborhood!

2. Automated Landscape Design

This may not be for everyone, but smart outlets will be your best friend if you’ve taken your landscaping to the next level. Smart plugs are often used to operate water fountains, landscape lighting, and patio lighting.

If you have a fountain, programming it to run on a schedule will not only save you money but will also extend the fountain’s life. The same may be said for landscape and patio lighting. Set the timer for the lights to come on after dusk and turn out before morning. When no one is present or awake to appreciate the fountain at night, turn it off. There are so many possibilities that you’re likely to find one that works for you.

3. Monitoring Energy

Know how much electricity those Christmas lights or string lights are using. Some even have built-in restrictions that cause them to switch off if the energy usage exceeds a certain threshold. Isn’t it amazing? With any smart plug equipped with energy monitoring, you’ll be able to see who (appliances, lights, etc.) is using what at any given moment.

Using timetables is also beneficial in this situation. Setting your outside lighting or landscaping installations on a schedule to switch off when they aren’t in use can aid in energy usage monitoring since you will know for sure that nothing is operating when it isn’t required.

4. Mode for Getting Away

This is an interesting “security” function that you may activate when traveling or away from home to help prevent a potential invader. To mimic someone being at home, you may establish a timetable or run it at random to turn the smart plug on and off. A lot of smart plugs, lights, and other technology are beginning to embrace away mode, so keep an eye out for it!

When you don’t have to, why make your house an easy target for criminals?

5. Trip to The Campsite

Smart home technology is no longer limited to the homestead. Why not give your mobile home a makeover as well? Bring a few smart plugs with you on your next camping trip to automate everything and everything you can think of while you’re out in nature.

I understand that this may seem to be an unusual location for smart technology, but I feel that the convenience of the best outdoor smart plug has no bounds.