How to Recycle Old Clothes in Nassau County


Recycling your old clothes is quite an interesting project when you are really not interested to spend much. So, let’s check out a few tips to recycle your old clothes rather than disposing them off.

1. Sorting Out

The first step to recycle your old clothes is to sort them out into three categories; great conditioned clothes which are no more in your use but looks like new with no signs of wear and tear, somewhat good conditioned clothes which can be used by others easily and poor conditioned clothes having no further life. This sorting out will help you to take decision what to do with these clothes further in terms of recycling them.

2. Make Some Cash by Reselling

You may easily resell your great conditioned clothes either online on social media platforms or you may visit any nearest local consignment shop and make some extra money. See, recycling not necessarily mean to perform different experiments on your clothes as it simply means to bring it to some other use and reselling them is the best way for this.

3. Be Generous to Others

Give charity and show some kindness to people who cannot afford such clothes which seems unusable for you but not for them. Visit the local homeless shelters or look at your surroundings where you can find numerous people in need of some clothes and other stuff. Even you can donate your great conditioned clothes as well if you are not this much into making extra cash. However, you can also donate the good conditioned clothes as this is what will help in making you quite considerate towards humanity.

4. Use Them for Other Things at Home

There are numerous things at home for which we buy new pieces of clothes like handkerchiefs, cleaning cloth for glass surfaces, mopping, dusting and so on. So, why not use your already old clothes instead of buying new ones from shops? This way you will save some money as well while your poor conditioned clothes can be used for these purposes.

5. Go for Fabric Decomposition

As per EPA research results, textiles contribute almost 5% of landfills in the US only. And the percentage for other regions is quite bigger too so you can imagine how much it can hurt our environment. Being a socially responsible citizen, it is our duty as well to keep our environment clean and make every possible effort for this. So here, you may check if your poor conditioned clothes are made of 100% natural fibers which can easily be composted, just make sure to remove accessories like zippers and buttons etc.

Repurpose Them

Other than the above tips, you may also repurpose your worn out clothing for so many other uses or contact reputable brands like Nike, H&M and many others who willingly accept old clothes for recycling purpose. Or you may also use them as filling material for pillows, home insulation stuff, car seating stuff and so on.

Do All of the Above Things in a Single Step

If you want to safely dispose of, recycle or donate your old clothes, there is a simpler way – contacting a junk removal service in NYC only after comparing the junk removal NYC cost estimate.

They will take all the clothes and then donate usable clothes followed by recycling the recyclable items. So, by bringing in a junk removal Nassau County company, you can do all of the above more easily.


Hope above tips will help you sort out and recycle your old clothes; you may share your further ideas or feedback in the comments section below. Cheers!